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Rrare special moments - Bolivia 2014
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Written by Dave Norwoods   


Here are rare special moments with seriously wild big monkeys hanging out with me deep in the rain forest in Bolivia. I hung out with them for 4 hours then night came and I had to leave. One of the highest moments in my life napping with them, holding there hands and walking with them,and I didn't want to leave them. Truly a miracle. I captured 6 minutes of this on video but I can't get it uploaded yet for bad connections. Animals are our friends just depending if they like you! Living the vida loca


Travelin Daves new theme song
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Written by Dave Norwoods   

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Travelin Dave and Discovery Channel Preparing for Doomsday
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Written by Dave Norwoods   


Travelin Dave is currently featued on the Discovery Channel show "Appacolypes Preppers". He shows his skills, that is airing all over the world. Now he is producing the unedited version of the shows takes for they took out 12 scenes of him and now hes putting them back in for a youtube version with more tips on surviving, bartering, and medicinal food and hers to sve your life and revese disease all on locations in California and Montana. Stay tuned.


Dave and Craig World Tour 2014
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Written by Dave Norwoods   


  Dave and Craig World Tour 2013  bigfoot1

Dave and Craig are getting ready for a  tour to 20 countries in search of aliens, sasquatchs and any unusual hidden secrets to share and capture the rare moments to the world. Nothing will stop these globe Trekkers as they risk it all.  Dates to be announced soon.


Ode to Jessica Hippo
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Written by Dave Norwoods   
One stormy day,
 in my backyard~
there is this hippo.
This is hard …
how to handle her,
and in the rain it’s a blur. 
Have to nuture her--
that’s the future her,
my little child 
from the wild.
A gift from God,
it’s all so odd.
Her name is Jessica.
Jessica we all love you 
eternally and you are 
sweet like honey.
You are one of a kind,
a gift to  mankind.
So conscious you’re
outrageous, vivacious,
and so rare. 
Life wasn’t fair…


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